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samedi 9 décembre 2023

  • Palestine: Behind the prisoner-hostage deal
    Standing Together has criticised the choice of prisoners exchanged with hostages by the Israeli government on the grounds that many exchanged are Palestinians, mostly under 18 and many of them citizens of Israel, held with no conviction. By including these prisoners in the exchange, Standing (...)

vendredi 8 décembre 2023

  • Gaza: Guterres invokes 'most powerful tool' Article 99, in bid for humanitarian ceasefire
    Invoking a rarely used article of the UN Charter, Secretary-General António Guterres on Wednesday called on the Security Council to “press to avert a humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza and unite in a call for a full humanitarian ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants. © UNRWA/Ashraf (...)

  • The Israeli Army's Incursions Are More Frequent and Violent. The Jenin Refugee Camp Is Now Little Gaza
    Mohammed Zubeidi, whom I've known since he was 5, was killed by soldiers in the Jenin refugee camp. The army also trashed some 80 homes, tore up roads – and killed two children Jamal Zubeidi stands in front of a poster showing a picture of his son Hamudi and his friend Hussam Hanun, both of (...)

  • Gaza fighting continues amid ‘apocalyptic' conditions; Security Council to meet Friday
    Two months to the day since Hamas' terror attacks in Israel prompted a massive Israeli military retaliation in Gaza, the situation in the war-torn enclave is becoming “apocalyptic” with hostilities making meaningful humanitarian efforts “nearly impossible”, UN humanitarians warned on Thursday. © (...)

  • Etats-Unis : « Comment ce sionisme nourrit l'antisémitisme »
    Est sans limite le cynisme de la résolution [House Resolution] 894 de la Chambre des représentants [datant du 5 décembre] « condamnant et dénonçant fermement la montée spectaculaire de l'antisémitisme aux Etats-Unis et dans le monde ». Proposée par deux républicains juifs, les représentants David Kustoff (...)

  • Israel : This Hanukkah, we must choose to defy the forces of vengeance
    It has been 63 days since the atrocities carried out by Hamas in southern Israel, and since Israel began its nightmarish assault on the Gaza Strip. October 7, the first day of the war, was also the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah, which occurs on the last day of the holiday of Sukkot. Now, two (...)

  • Une requête d'un ami de Gaza. « Ce dont nous avons vraiment besoin, c'est de bulldozers pour creuser et nous enterrer dans notre terre »
    « J'avais prévu d'écrire sur la vie quotidienne pendant la trêve », m'a écrit mon ami Bassam Nasser vendredi matin [1er décembre] depuis la bande de Gaza. « Les obstacles liés à l'approvisionnement en eau, les prières pour qu'il ne pleuve pas ou que le temps ne soit pas nuageux afin que les panneaux (...)

  • The Political Labyrinth and the Crossroads of the Left in the Spanish State
    On 28 May 2023 Spain's right-wing Partido Popular (People's Party - PP) made great progress in terms of territorial institutional power in the municipal elections and in some of the regional parliaments of the so-called Autonomous Communities, to the detriment of the Partido Socialista Obrero (...)

  • An Open Letter from Palestinian Christians to Western Church Leaders and Theologians
    A Call for Repentance: An Open Letter from Palestinian Christians to Western Church Leaders and Theologians “Learn to do right; seek justice; defend the oppressed” (Isa 1:17). We, at the undersigned Palestinian Christian institutions and grassroots movements, grieve and lament the renewed cycle (...)

  • India: How Manipur's ethnic violence ripped a queer friendship apart
    The collapse of a deep Meitei–Kuki friendship shows how Manipur's nascent queer movement is fraying, threatening its hard-won gains in the violence-torn Indian state The ongoing civil war in Manipur, in India's Northeast, had been raging for three months when I called my friend Bom in July. She (...)

  • The Palestinians in Israel
    About 2.3 million Palestinians live in Gaza, about 3 million in the West Bank, and about 2.1 million in Israel or East Jerusalem. More than 3 million live in Jordan, and the other four million or so are scattered, with the biggest numbers in Syria, Chile, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the (...)

  • Israeli academia joins the crackdown on dissent
    On Israeli campuses, Palestinian and left-wing Jewish students and faculty have been suspended, arrested, and intimidated for their views since Oct. 7 On Oct. 8, the day after Hamas launched a large-scale surprise attack on southern Israel, Bayan Khatib posted a video on Instagram showing a (...)

  • Bhutan took a step towards queer rights, but its LGBTIQ+ people want a giant leap
    Bhutan celebrated the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 2021 but LGBTIQ+ activists are pushing for the legal recognition of all gender identities and marriage equality In June 2022, in the middle of Pride Month celebrations across the world, Tashi Choden Chombal was crowned the third Miss (...)

  • Israel Can't Imprison Two Million Gazans Without Paying a Cruel Price
    Behind all this lies Israeli arrogance; the idea that we can do whatever we like, that we'll never pay the price and be punished for it. We'll carry on undisturbed. We'll arrest, kill, harass, dispossess and protect the settlers busy with their pogroms. We'll visit Joseph's Tomb, Othniel's (...)

  • Haaretz : La prochaine surprise d'Israël viendra de la Cisjordanie
    La prochaine surprise n'en sera pas une. Elle sera peut-être moins meurtrière que la précédente, le 7 octobre, mais son prix sera élevé. Lorsqu'elle nous tombera dessus, nous laissant abasourdis par la brutalité de l'ennemi, personne ne pourra prétendre qu'il ne savait pas qu'elle allait arriver. (...)

  • The future of the world could well be at stake in Gaza
    The brutal Zionist war against the Gaza Strip has entered its fourth week. To date, it has left more than nine thousand five hundred martyrs and tens of thousands injured and missing, not to mention the unprecedented destruction of buildings, including hospitals, schools and places of worship. (...)

  • À Gaza pourrait bien se jouer l'avenir du monde
    La guerre brutale menée par l'État sioniste contre la bande de Gaza est entrée dans sa quatrième semaine. Elle a fait à ce jour plus de neuf mille cinq cents martyr·es et des dizaines de milliers de blessé·es et de disparu·es, sans parler des destructions, sans précédent, de bâtiments, y compris des (...)

  • Great Britain: Benjamin Zephaniah, British poet and campaigner, dies aged 65
    The dub poet and author of collections including Talking Turkeys has died of a brain tumour Benjamin Zephaniah – a life in pictures ‘A hero to millions': Benjamin Zephaniah remembered by Michael Rosen, Kae Tempest and more Share your tributes and memories of Benjamin Zephaniah Benjamin (...)

  • Venezuela: The only fair way out of the Essequibo Conflict
    On June 30, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) held a hearing on the territorial dispute between Venezuela and Guyana over the Essequibo territory. We have arrived to this after decades of failed mediation attempts by the UN, arranged under the 1966 Geneva Agreement signed a few months (...)

  • Philippines: VERA FILES FACT CHECK: BARMM official DID NOT say ‘Christians are unwelcome in Marawi'
    Netizens are circulating a fake quote card of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) Interior and Local Government Minister Atty. Naguib Sinarimbo supposedly saying Christians do not have a place in Marawi. It is a fabricated statement that spread on Dec. 3, the day a bomb (...)

jeudi 7 décembre 2023

  • Maroc : une situation toujours préoccupante
    Le 10 décembre prochain, le Maroc comme la grande majorité des pays du monde célèbrera le 55e anniversaire de la Déclaration Universelle des Droits de l'Homme. La situation dans le pays s'est-elle pour autant assainie ? Les droits humains sont-ils à présent mieux respectés ? Nous ne parlerons pas ici (...)

  • Iran : Vers une solidarité et une organisation conséquentes des mobilisations des salarié.es du secteur pétrolier
    Faisant suite à leurs mobilisations éparses contre les conditions de vie et le faible niveau des salaires, ainsi qu'aux atteintes du gouvernement à leurs droits et avantages acquis, les travailleurs/euses du secteur pétrolier ont annoncé, lors d'un de leurs rassemblements il y a environ (...)

  • Iran: Towards the consistent solidarity and organization of oil workers' protests
    It has been more than a year that the pensioners of social security, and nationals including teachers and telecommunications have designated certain days of the week as their protest days and simultaneously hold rallies in different cities of Iran. This way of struggle and protesting has played (...)

  • With Hardly Any Internet Access and Confusing IDF Tweets, Gazans Don't Know Where to Go
    The IDF's Arabic-language spokesman released a barely comprehensible map with garbled place names that Gazans were to use to make life-or-death decisions; human rights groups report that the places of sanctuary on the maps are already collapsing under the crush of people and lack of necessities (...)

  • Palestine : « Déluge d'Al-Aqsa » et mauvais calcul
    Face à cette énorme catastrophe qui est en passe de parachever la Nakba de 1948 en y ajoutant une Nakba à Gaza... il y a lieu de se demander quel type de calcul a pu se faire dans l'esprit de ceux qui ont conçu l'opération « Déluge d'Al-Aqsa » et qui les a conduits à la lancer alors qu'il était facile (...)

  • Gaza, où meurt notre humanité
    Ce n'est pas seulement une humanité concrète, celle des vies irrémédiablement perdues, qui se meurt au Proche-Orient. C'est l'idée même d'une humanité commune que ruine la vengeance sans frein ni limites de l'État d'Israël contre la population palestinienne de Gaza en riposte au massacre commis par le (...)

  • Gaza. « Cratères gigantesques, enfants morts, maisons effondrées : dans le sud de Gaza, il n'y a nulle part où fuir »
    Les bombardements et les tirs d'artillerie incessants qui ont commencé vendredi matin 1er décembre, ainsi que les messages [tracts, indications aléatoires sur les téléphones d'une population en pleine déroute, décontenancée, dans nourriture et eau !] lancés par l'armée israélienne, ont poussé les (...)

  • Huge Craters, Dead Children, Collapsed Homes: In Southern Gaza, There's Nowhere to Flee
    The resumption of bombing is pushing Gazans further south towards Rafah, where a million displaced persons live in unbearably crowded conditions. People are fighting each other for insufficient supplies of food and water while the police try to maintain a modicum of order The nonstop bombing (...)

  • Palestine: Report from the West Bank
    Najla K. and brian bean report on the state of resistance in the West Bank after October 7. While the eyes of the world are correctly focused on the genocide in Gaza, the occupied West Bank has also erupted in a calamitous escalation of horrific settler violence, Israeli repression, and heroic (...)

  • Book Review: Israel's West Bank Inferno & the Responsibility of Socialists
    A Day in the Life of Abed Salama: Anatomy of a Jerusalem Tragedy By Nathan Thrall New York: Metropolitan Books, 2023. 255 pages. $29.99 hardback. For those readers unfamiliar with the universe of suffering that structures Palestinian life on the West Bank, prepare yourself for a journey into a (...)

  • Sri Lanka: 2024 and Beyond: Electoral Politics and the Left
    Amid a suffocating consensus on austerity, any opportunity to expand on the current stakes of Left strategy in Sri Lanka must be seen as a small victory. The debate provoked by my original piece, including Ramindu Perera's response in Polity, ought to continue to widen to include a diverse set (...)

  • INTERVIEW MYANMAR POLITICS Interview: Operation 1027 and the growing armed alliance against Myanmar's junta
    Researcher Aung Kaung Myat unpacks the internal dynamics of the complex coalition of armed groups battling for dominance across Myanmar Raisa: On 27 October, an alliance of armed groups battling Myanmar's military junta launched a coordinated attack in the Northern Shan state, making rapid (...)

  • United States: United Auto Workers calls for ceasefire in Gaza – the largest union to do so
    UAW, representing 400,000 in the US and over 580,000 retired workers, makes announcement as military operations resume The United Auto Workers, one of the US's largest labor unions, has come out in support of a ceasefire in Israel and Palestine as a temporary ceasefire ended on Friday with (...)

  • Palestine: Al-Aqsa Flood and Miscalculation
    After this enormous catastrophe that is on its way to completing the 1948 Nakba with a Nakba in Gaza ... it is necessary to examine what calculation might have gone through the minds of those who devised Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, leading them to launch it even though it was possible to predict (...)

mercredi 6 décembre 2023

  • Operation Ajax: 70 years since the CIA and MI6 joint venture in Iran
    70 years ago, in 1953, the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its British counterpart, MI6, organised a coup d'état to oust Iran's first and last democratically elected Prime Minister, Mohammad Mossadeq. Details about the coup emerged after the CIA released a trove of documents (...)

  • Etats-Unis : United Auto Workers (UAW) appelle à un cessez-le-feu à Gaza, le plus grand syndicat à le faire
    UAW, qui représente quatre cent mille ouvriers aux États-Unis et plus de cinq cent quatre-vingt mille retraités, fait cette annonce alors que les opérations militaires reprennent. UAW, l'un des plus importants syndicats des États Unis, a appelé au cessez-le-feu en Israël et en Palestine alors qu'une (...)

  • Henry Kissinger : un criminel de guerre est mort
    Aux États-Unis, l'un des bouchers les plus prolifiques du XXe siècle est mort comme il a vécu : aimé des riches et des puissants, quelle que soit leur affiliation partisane. Henry Kissinger est mort. Les médias ont déjà commencé à produire des dénonciations enflammées autant que des souvenirs (...)

  • Kissinger's obsession with Chile enabled a murderous dictatorship that still haunts the country
    It's hard to overestimate the role Henry Kissinger played in Chile. A former Chilean diplomat describes the mark that the powerful statesman made in his country and elsewhere in the Global South. Noticing my nonappearance at the start of a black-tie dinner at the Johannesburg home of Harry (...)

  • Cop28 (Dubai) : OPA fossile sur les COP
    Qu'ils soient privés ou publics, ces grands groupes fossiles campent depuis des décennies sur une position défensive, imprégnée plus ou moins explicitement de déni climatique. Au fil des années, ils ont contesté successivement le réchauffement lui-même, son origine « anthropique », le rôle du CO2, puis (...)

  • Hostages (Israel & Palestine): The Abolitionist Logic of “Everyone for Everyone”
    A call from the families of hostages contains the seed of true safety. ONE VIDEO SHOWS Palestinian teenagers in Ramallah just released from Israeli prisons disembarking from Red Cross buses and tearfully embracing their mothers amid cheering crowds thousands deep. In another, nine-year-old (...)

  • Questions à poser à propos de la libération de Palestiniens en « échange » de celle d'otages détenus par le Hamas
    Tôt dans la journée du 22 novembre, Israël et le Hamas ont finalisé les détails d'un accord visant à interrompre les hostilités (« trêve », « pause humanitaire ») dans la bande de Gaza, près de sept semaines après le début de la guerre. L'accord prévoit un cessez-le-feu de quatre jours et l'échange de 50 (...)

  • Kissinger's Power-over-progress Paradigm Found Attentive Ears in Israel
    More than any other person, Henry Kissinger set Israel's special status in America's foreign policy, as a state exempt from abiding by norms the U.S. demands of others. His approach was congruent with Israel's foreign policy Henry Kissinger, left, with Benjamin Netanyahu in 1999.Credit: (...)

  • Artful Defiance: Myanmar's Creative Resistance
    In 2021, Myanmar faced one of its darkest periods in history. Despite prior steps towards democracy, the nation found itself gripped by a military coup. The military junta's crackdown was ruthlessly severe, leading to the tragic loss of countless innocent lives. As the junta's stranglehold grew (...)

  • Philippine Groups Form Anti-War Network — Call for Permanent Ceasefire, End to Genocide in Gaza
    PRESS STATEMENT NO TO WAR 28 November 2023 Contact: Wilson Fortaleza 09452182693 We, the Philippine groups representing various interests and advocacies, including those on human rights, labor, women, youth, urban poor, Moro and IPs, environment, and political parties, form ourselves today (...)

  • The Kissinger legacy and its Carry in the Global South
    For the Global South, Kissinger could well be called Dr. Death. He insured that whichever country raised a voice or could potentially show opposition to the US would have their head bashed in. This was Kissinger- grand strategist for the US empire, enforcer of imperialism, godfather of the (...)

  • And Here's to You, Henry Kissinger…
    He was a war criminal, and he also transformed many into activists. On the occasion of his death at 100, praises and denunciations of Henry Kissinger are being sung and spewed out in record numbers. Let me add to the “praises.” More than anyone else, Henry, along with his boss, Richard Nixon, (...)

  • Indonesia: Rohingya refugees facing a hostile reception in Aceh
    Every year when the monsoon season in Bangladesh ends, risky journeys of Rohingya refugees take off en route to Malaysia. Not all passengers who embark from the refugee camps near the Bangladesh–Myanmar border reach their destination alive. In November 2023, five boats with more than 1,100 (...)


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